Volunteer Registration

Albany Fair 2019

Thank you for registering to volunteer at the Albany Fair 2019.  Please select where you would like to volunteer from the list below and complete your contact details on the sign-up page.  You will then be automatically registered and will receive a confirmation email.  Volunteer registrations must be completed by 9.00am on Thursday 23 May 2019.

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Albany Fair Performance Timetable 2019

Time                    Duration                      Class

10.00 am             45 min                           Senior Band, Jazz Band and Strings

11.00 am             10 min                           Prep Blue and Prep Red

11.15 am             10 min                           Prep Green and Prep Yellow

11.30 am             10 min                           Year 1

11.45 am             10 min                           Year 2

1.00 pm               10 min                           Year 3

1.15 pm               10 min                           Year 4

1.30 pm               10 min                           Year 5

1.45 pm               10 min                           Year 6



Albany Fair Setup on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

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Albany Fair:

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Albany Fair Packup on the Sunday and Monday:

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