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The major prizes seem to get bigger every year with iPads, laptops, Thermomix’s, family vacations, Apple Watch’s, and even cash on offer!  With a limited amount of tickets produced you could be the next lucky winner!  Tickets are available in advance and on day with the lucky winners announced at the end of Albany Fair day.

Beer Garden

Always a crowd favourite the Beer Garden is a great spot to cool down on a hot, fun Albany Fair day!  With a huge selection of beer, wine, mixed drinks, water, soft drinks and cocktails we’ve got your thirst covered.  There’s live entertainment, great music and even the occasional mechanical bull!

Bottle Stall

For those 18 and over take a chance at winning one or two of the hundreds of bottles of alcohol.  There is every option available from whiskey to wine, vodka to schnapps and port to rum the selection is always huge!  For those under 18 there is a separate area they can try to win juice, soft drinks and even bottles full of candy!

Book Stall

We are very fortunate in that we have hundreds of books donated to Albany Fair every year. With books for everyone to enjoy including children, parents and grandparents – it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular stalls to visit on Fair day!  Grab yourself a bargain from the huge range of titles!

Café Corner

Want a quiet shaded place to relax with some biscuits and a cup of tea or coffee?  This is the spot.  Café Corner offers a wide range of treats away from the hustle and bustle of the main areas of Albany Fair.  It’s a great hiding spot for the grandparents!

Cake Stall

Every year we have an abundance of brilliant local home-bakers donate so many yummy goodies to sell at Albany Fair. An incredibly diverse and decadent range of baked goods include gluten free options, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and so much more!

Chocolate Drop

Flip a coin and land it on one of the big blocks of packaged chocolate and it’s yours!  It’s that easy.  With a large amount of chocolate blocks covering the netting it’s safe to say you might be getting a sweet treat!

Craft Stall

An entire stall full of local handmade arts & crafts – all products made with love and care! From pillows to beanies, coasters, bags and more. This stall wouldn’t exist without hours upon hours of fine craftsmanship from a dedicated and caring group of some of Albany Fair’s finest individuals!

Crazy Hair Art

Albany Fair is a day full of fun & silliness – what better way to let your hair down than having it sprayed full of colours!! With a very understanding & Albany Fair-loving school principal, students get to keep their ‘do’s from Sunday’s Fair on Monday as well!

Donuts & Milkshakes

Some good ol’ donuts & milkshakes – you simply can’t go wrong with these delicious favourites!  At rock bottom prices you may visit this stall more than once!  Remember to share!

Face Painting

For little kids, big kids and the adults who get to be kids for another day – face painting is one of the most treasured parts of Albany Fair. All day you get to see tigers, spidermen, princesses and fairies roam the grounds because of this fun & silly stall!

Fairy Floss

A simple sugary stall full of fluffy fun!  No Fair can be complete without Fairy Floss!  Please note: Albany Fair take no responsibility for very, very sticky fingers as you eat your treat!

International Foods

An Albany Fair staple offers food styles from around the world including Mexican, Japanese, American, Italian, Polish, German and more! The Albany Fair lets you enjoy a variety of multicultural foods on offer for a great meal on the day. Gluten Free options will also be available.

Lucky Envelopes

Lots of prizes and lots of chances to win at the Lucky Envelope stall.  Who knows what you will walk away with but one things for sure, people leave smiling!

Meat Trays

With almost 30 Meat Trays on offer the selections include the best steak, pork, sausages, ribs and more!  Win one of these massive tray and dinners covered for the next week!

Pick A Stick

Every year this is a favourite with the kids!  A game of chance, just pull a stick from the stand and whatever colour is at the end you get a prize from that coloured basket!  Simple, exciting and fun.

Show Bags

Get in quick because the Show Bags have sold out the last several years!  As good as what you’ll get at the Ecca, there is something to suit everyone!  The selection offers a great range as well as a good selection of different price levels.

Silent Auction

Autographed guitars from iconic Australian rock bands, signed framed photos from the casts of iconic TV Shows, to home appliances, mountain bikes, holidays and more the Silent Auction stand at Albany Fair has always featured some amazing offers!  All you have to do is be the highest bidder at the end of the day!

Sno Cones

Keep Cool!  The kids might need a cool treat and a bit of a break after a big day on the rides.  Sno Cones are a colourful way to cool down!

Strawberry Delights

The Strawberry Delights Stall is a must visit at the 2017 Albany Fair, located under the All Saints School Library. With a selection of strawberry treats to choose from, including the popular Strawberry ice cream cones that sell out quickly, delight your tastebuds this year. See you there.

The Strawberry Delights Stall is proudly sponsored by GT Racing - your local mobile mechanic (ring 0414 562 148), servicing your mechanical needs for over 10 years.

Sweet Stall

We are so lucky to have so many delicious donations from parents and parishioners to sell at the Sweet Stall. Thanks to their love and talents, we are able to provide an incredibly diverse and delightful range of homemade sweets including fudge, toffee, lolly necklaces, jams and more!

Teddy Bear Cottage

Students dress up and create characters and scenes for this sweet competition. It’s another great way for students to get really involved in Albany Fair.  May the best bear win!

Trash & Treasure

You know the saying… “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” In a community as lovely as ours we are very fortunate to have so many great gems donated to this stall, so be sure to come and get in early!